Ein Kemach, Ein Torah In accordance with the teachings of the Mishna, Hebrew Academy takes very seriously and very literally the concept of “without food there is no Torah”. Thus, the HA cafeteria, and food in general, has been an institution in and of itself serving HA students for 50 years. And so we pay tribute to some of the unsung heroes of the school cafeteria and share some fond food memories. Mr. Suissa's famous potato salad (which cost 50 cents for my entire high school career) was an integral part of my cafeteria experience - heaven forbid he ever ran out before our lunch time. -Natalie Salem, ‘89 Mrs. Salit ran the very first HA cafeteria, having run the cafeteria at the Adath Israel school. You could get a veal chop for $0.65 or for $0.80 with a drink. Mrs. Salit prepared four-course meals for just a few cents! -Dr. Ronnie Schondorf, ‘71 When Solange was the cook, we loved “pasta day.” While she always gave seconds because the first serving was simply not enough, we longed to be her grandchildren (who were students at HA). She always served them heaping plates of pasta and sauce directly to their table in the caf. We were so jealous. -Anonymous, ‘13 Mrs. Salit ran the cafeteria in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I remember getting my hot dog, mustard and chips on Fridays! -Chaim Goldberg, ‘71 Amazing potatoes from Mr. Suissa, special hot sauce on his tuna sandwiches, his amazing sand cookies, the frozen jello. He literally made my day; coming late to breakfast and asking Alex if there are any bagels and chocolate milk, he’d feel bad for me and loan me $5.00 to buy from Mr. Suissa; not being allowed to walk through the halls with food and risking my life by hiding hot soup under my clothes to sneak into class. -Atara (Neuer) Brenner, ‘95 Tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches and fried salami sandwiches! -Bonnie Blitzer, ‘80 " 28