In Rabbi Salomon's (I think it was Navi) class he tried to control the class by giving us lines - 200 lines of: ‫השעור‬ ‫בשעת‬ ‫לדבר‬ ‫אסור‬ We had a new girl in the class that year and she had a lot of tricks. She taught us how to do the lines more quickly - by holding 3 or 4 pencils at once. We were churning out those lines so quickly! But then Rabbi Solomon found out. So he changed the punishment to 200 lines of: ‫פעמים‬ ‫הרבה‬ ‫כך‬ ‫לך‬ ‫הזהיר‬ ‫כאשר‬ ‫השעור‬ ‫בשעת‬ ‫לדבר‬ ‫אסור‬ -Carmen (Csillag) Neuer, ‘87 " I fondly remember two teachers - Rabbi Shmuel Wagner, Mrs. Brenda Stolow - and my basketball coaches Warren Rohr and Mr. Nick, who made an impact on me. My class of '83 was the last one who graduated from the Young Israel building on Ducharme. -Morrie Levy, ‘83 Editor’s note: As one of HA’s all-time favourite basketball coaches, Dr. Morrie Levy has himself been serving as a mentor to hundreds of students since 1984. A great memory: begging our Talmud teacher Rabbi Admanit to take us to Ben & Jerry's for “Free Cone Day” and him fitting all the girls in his station wagon to drive to Monkland. Mrs. Murad taking us to her house to make oil paintings that hang in the HA office today. -Atara (Neuer) Brenner, ‘95 This is a Mr. Bond classic: In High School once a year we would go on a field trip to Théâtre Saint-Denis to see a French play. During the break, the teachers let us go to the local depanneur. A guy in my class returned with a jar of pickles, which he somehow managed to smuggle into the theatre. As the lights went down, just as the dude was about to crunch into one of those giant, dripping pickles, Mr. Bond caught sight of him and said, emphatically, “On ne mange pas des cornichons dans le théâtre!!!! Ça ne ce fait pas!!!!!” To this day I still crack up when I picture both of their faces. -Anonymous, ‘02 20