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Cons Family

Osnat and Evan Feldman

Double Chai

Jessica and David Baazov

Ruth Drazin and family

Malca and Louis Drazin & Adrianne and Shlomo Drazin

Lauren and Alvin Suissa


Noemi and Laurent Amram

Chaya and Lorne Lieberman

Renée and Marty Lieberman and Family


Scott and Tova Garber

Vanessa and Karl Fallenbaum


George Kohn and Family

Elie and Yael Antebi

Muriel and Olivier Benisti

Sandy and Ygal Bodokh

Blossom by La Plaza


Martine Cohen and Family

Edie and Phil Friedman

Brenda Gewurz and Gewurz Family

Nadine and Benny Lieberman

Susan and Alain Matarasso

Marla and Peter Veres


Moshe and Jennifer Castiel


The Zukor Family

Leechen and Michael Zukor

Ariane and Joel Abikhzer



Dr. Charles and Florence Amar

Shimon and Devora Berman

Karine and Isaac Castiel

Rhonda and Leslie Gal and Accent Insurance Solutions

Jack and Pascale Hasen

Levine Bros.

Dina and Daniel Lieberman

Ohana Capital

Judith & Gary Pekofsky & Family

Devorah and Amichai Reiss



Emmanuel and Valerie Abikhzer

Milan and Pearl Bratin

Nadav Moshe Albilya


Laura and David Assor

Lynda and Benjamin Bitton

Dr. Joseph and Susan Portnoy

Terry Kaspi Reiss and Moshe Reiss and Families

Carole and Ralph (‘88) Rimokh


Sharon and Emmanuel Amar


Baila Aspler

Rachel and Judah Aspler and Family

Nourith and Isaac Benisti

Deborah and Robert Cutler

Lori and David Diner

Lave Auto 6 Points; Neil & Marissa Dubrofsky

Rafi and Cindy Faust

Sandra and David Fine

Eric and Pearl Lasry

Jeffrey and Adria Mandel

Harry and Natalie Marciano

Yossi and Ella Mouyal and Family

Jen and Dan Rabinovitch

Eric Amar and Joelle Sholzberg

Ronnie and Susan Schondorf and Family

Aron, Shoshi, Hannah, Emma, and Maya Portnoy

Howard Vineberg



Dym Family Foundation

Murray and Karen Dalfen

Dyna and Morris Dalfen Family Foundation

Mrs. Betty Laxer

Linda and Willy Lieberman

Merav and Isaac Sabbah

Natou and Gabriel Ovadia

Alexis and Avi Toledano



Alexandra & Oren Benchaya

Gad and Audrey Bensoussan

Rachel Archibald

Delmar Jewelers

Rachel and Yohan Kadoch

KOM International

Benjamin and Sarah Knafo


David Pisarevsky

Rabbi Sorin and Livia Rosen


Gilles Amar


David Ardman and Dr. Laura Segal Ardman

Mike and Ann Azoulay

Eleanor Diner

Nili Bouskila Fox

Yossi Friedman

Leo and Bonnie Grunstein

Peter and Daphna Kemeny

Valerie (Schneidman) and Jay Lawrence

Eva and Abe Ludvig

Alain and Risa Mamane

Michael and Galite Meirovici

Yitz and Juanita Moss

Celia and Stan Nattel

Moishe and Shoshana Neuer

Sarah and Joseph Remer

Margaret and David Ronis

Eta Blitzer and Bobby Shaul

Dr. Laura Segall and Elliott Silverman

Carolyn and Arnold Steinman

Mindy & Michael Zobin

Thank you

Avi Delevanti

Blask Productions

Christopher Taylor | Hebrew Academy Visual Arts Teacher

Décor Duvernay


DJ Kobi Events

Golden Girls

HAPA | Hebrew Academy Parent Association

Mozart Canada

The First Impression

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